Request a Temporary Employee

Departmental Guidelines

The information provided on this page is meant to assist with questions you or your temporary employee may have about working with UTS. Please do not hesitate to contact UTS staff if you have additional questions.

Requesting a Temporary Employee

NC State hiring managers can place a request for a temporary employee by submitting the NCSU online request form or by contacting our Placement Specialist, Erin Cox, directly at 515-4306.

UNC hiring managers can place a request for a temporary employee by submitting the UNC online request form or by contacting our UTS Manager for UNC, Laura McGaha Cooper, directly at 962-4328.

Upon receipt of an order, UTS will present qualified candidates to the department for approval. All UTS candidates have successfully completed the application process which includes completion of an online application form, an in-person interview, skills testing if appropriate, successful completion of reference checks and a background check.

Once the candidate is approved for placement, the UTS staff will complete the I-9 and E-Verify process.

Satisfaction Promise

If you are not satisfied with the candidate we send you, within four hours of the employee’s arrival on their first day of work, simply call the UTS Office – and we will terminate the current employee’s assignment and secure a replacement without billing your department for the time worked.

Parking for Temporary Employees

UTS provides the temporary candidates with parking information during the initial screening process and, once offered a position, we will discuss and map out the best routes to ensure a successful start to their assignment. The UTS employee will be provided with a parking request form that will allow them to purchase a temporary parking pass from the Transportation Office.

ID Cards

Once the temporary employee has been entered into the system and has received their Unity password, s/he may obtain a photo ID from the West Dunn Building. When the assignment is complete, the employee must surrender their ID card to UTS. Please Note: The fee for ID cards for temporary employees is now $20.00.

Time Sheets and Payroll

At the end of each pay period, the temporary employee and their supervisor will need to sign off on their time sheet and deliver or fax it to the UTS Office. The temporaries will receive their new time sheets via email from the UTS Office Coordinator. UTS employees are paid bi-weekly according to the NCS State pay schedule. All paychecks are issued through direct deposit.

Employee Hours and Overtime

Please note that, per UTS guidelines, each week stands alone regarding overtime. Any time worked over 40 hours in one week will be considered overtime. This limits make-up time to each week. For instance, if a temporary employee misses 5 hours on a Monday, they will have until the end of the week to make it up. If that employee attempts to add those 5 hours missed during one week to the following week of that pay period, the employee would be considered to have 35 hours of straight time for week one and 40 hours of straight time plus 5 hours of overtime (time and a half) for week two.

Mandatory Breaks

The minimum lunch is 30 minutes of unpaid time. Employees should verify their scheduled lunch with their site supervisor and indicate the time spent at lunch on the time sheet.

Holiday Schedule/Campus Closings

The work schedule follows the holiday/closing schedule for the University. Temporary employees are not paid for University holidays or closings.

During adverse weather conditions, UTS employees are advised to contact the site supervisor to determine whether the University will be open or closed and, if open, to discuss whether reporting to work is required and/or possible based on weather conditions. Temporary employees are not paid for hours not worked during periods of adverse weather.

Duration of Assignment

Temporary employees may work in an assignment for a period of twelve calendar months or less, from the date of their first day worked (if the employee has been working on campus previous to their UTS assignment without a 32 day break in between, that time will count towards their 11/12 month period). If employees work for 1040 hours or more within a 12 month period, their assignment must be terminated (effective no later than the last day of that 12-month period). It is crucial that both the department and the temporary employee be in touch with UTS prior to returning to the University on a temporary assignment as employee forms need to be updated.

Safety in the Workplace

It is the department supervisor’s responsibility to comply with the University’s Department of Environment, Health and Safety policies and procedures regarding safety training, vaccinations, and medical surveillance within the first 10 days of their employment. The site supervisor must provide EHS conditions of employment to each employee.

Work-Related Injuries

If a temporary employee is injured at work, they must immediately report the injury to the site supervisor and to UTS. The site supervisor must complete an incident report. If the employee needs to see a doctor regarding their injury, they can seek medical attention at the Urgent Care, 3100 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh, 919-719-2250.

Thank you!

UTS is here to make the successful connection between your department and our temporary employees. We look forward to working with you. Please do not hesitate to contact the UTS Office with any questions or concerns.